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Instore availability of product may vary. Stock is always coming on  through March - April. Over the year more stock will  become available to the public. We will update accordingly over these months. Plants can be found on both our Native Commercial and Non-Commercial  Native Plant lists. Don't hesitate to come in and check out our range in store. 

Check out our Commercial plant list to get the best deal at wholesale prices! Come in store to purchase our selection of beautiful locally grown native plant species today!



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Terms and Conditions. By placing order, purchasing products and goods from Norfolk Road Nursery Ltd you are in agreeance with the following: 1. Prices are exclusive of gst. Subject to change without notice. Quotes can be sent upon request valid for a 30 day duration period only. 2. Payment. Payment before pick up or on arrival preferred, or within invoice statements of a 30 day period. For large ordering a deposit may be asked/requested to ensure continuation of order placement. 3 Order processing. Orders must be conducted by either email [email protected] or by phone (06) 370 2328 or with sales staff in store at NRN. Orders sent through email will be followed up between 1-7 business days and require a confirmation email to begin process of arranging  order and pick up protocol. Notice of pick up is required to ensure orders have been correctly placed aside for the customer etc. 4. Terms of acceptance. Returns Policy. There is no warranty/refund or exchange for purchase. We take no responsibility for the buyers care of plants once purchsed, perishable goods and not liable for any transporting issues, incorrect handling or travel problems. This also includes but is not limited to productiveness, growth, plant health and death in purchased plants. 5. Privacy. The information required when filling out in-store or over the phone order forms is collected and held for the sole purpose of order requirements. Personal information is kept in regard to contact for and about your order placement only, this information will only be used correctly in that situation. The above terms and conditions are accepted by purchaser when buying in-store/ordreing or order placements are conducted or interaction resulting in sale. Updated v1 2020