Norfolk Road Nursery

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About Us

Norfolk Road Nursery offers Wairarapa eco-source native plants supply and native plant advisory.

The nursery has been growing natives for the past 30 years when Tracey and landscaper husband Steven came along and purchased it in April 2021. They were ripe to promote and develop it. Steven also has a formidable list of experience including establishing the Garden (Landscape) Company in Wellington. His work in New Zealand included head gardener at the residence of the British High Commission, before studying at the UK Royal Horticultural Society Gardens in Wisley and managing landscape projects all over England and France.

The new business challenges never held them back and a reputation for hardy and healthy plants quickly grew.

Each year, more than 1 million native plants are produced and together with a small team of incredible staff with a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience, they ensure quality plants are on hand at all times.

Propagation & Growing

The nursery has a lead seed collector and propagator working all year round with seed collection and propagation.

“We have connections with landowners who allow us to collect seed from their native plant areas and we are grateful to residents who bring us seeds. The demand is high too. Along with the property owners, they have appreciative customers ranging from rural farming communities, eco-minded planting enthusiasts, government and local councils, landscape businesses, community-based groups (who have a focus on quality air, land and water, such as water catchment groups), land regeneration and urban property developers.

More people are increasingly using only native plants which are eco-sourced. This means they are grown from seeds from local and wild populations. Eco-sourcing practices makes hardier and healthier plants. When plants leave the nursery, you can be confident the plants have got off to the very best possible start, with proven results in the local conditions.